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I Like Helping Others.

Submitted by anonymous (TX)

Removing Obstacles And Burdens

I saw this campaign on Crystal Cathedral with Bobby Shuller a few weeks ago. I enjoyed the heartwarming stories of giving and kindness. I like going to the site to read stories when I am feeling down. It always lifts my spirits and puts a smile on my face.

After reading it, I wanted to do something in my community. I am an unassertive shy person who is hesitant in speech. I don’t go out much or have many friends or social contacts. So, I have a really limitted sphere of influence and was too shy to suggest the kindness campaign to my city government. I read the stories and felt sad because I couldn’t see anyway of showing kindness towards others with so little to or no contact.

Later on that afternoon, I went to throw away trash. I saw a bag of trash left outside of the trash can. I thought well maybe the person who left it had a bad back and couldn’t throw it away. I saw it there and new that groundskeeping would pick it up to throw it way. I saw that it was an opportunity to lessen the burden on this person, picked up the bag, and threw it in the garbage can. I saw other trash left around it and tried to throw it away also.

As I was leaving, I saw broken off concrete in a parking space. I decided to pick up the pieces and move it out of the way onto the grass just as a precaution. I was afraid that the next driver who parked in the spot tires would be pierced if they drove over it. I took the time to move this undetected obstacle out of their way.