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I Like flowers.

Submitted by Bud's daughter (Midway, KY)

flowers to bring a smile

When my father died 25 years ago, my sister’s 9th grade class sent tulips. I thought it was an incredibly sweet gesture and every year since, I have placed 3 tulips on his grave for his birthday; one for each of his daughters. Last year, the grocery wouldn’t sell me 3 so I had to buy the whole bunch but only wanted to put 3 on his grave. So I decided to give a tulip to random women telling them that it was to celebrate my father’s birthday and he liked the ladies so this tulip was from him. Well, you’d have thought I was handing out money. Some women were strangers; some were elderly friends who knew my father but every one gave me a big hug and walked off smiling. One elderly stranger in the grocery almost started crying as she hugged me. It was a beautiful tribute to a wonderful man and made his birthday fun again. So every year, I will do the same thing and this year my infant daughter will go with me. It is the small things that make living worthwhile.