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I Like military.

Submitted by Jeanna Kirkland (Huntsville, Alabama)
I Like military.

My Son Has the Giving Spirit

It was our vacation, to Tybee Island, GA, on Memorial Day weekend. I always work hard teaching my two boys about the importance of Patriotic Holidays, and they had been watching the clock all day for the flag to be raised and lowered, and had looked for service members to say “God Bless You” and “Thank you for your service” to. We had spent the morning at the beautiful lighthouse, which was draped in a huge American Flag. We followed up with lunch at the Crab Shack. As we were exiting the parking lot, my youngest asked me to stop the car. I asked why. He asked if he could have $20.00 from his vacation money, and I told him of course, it was his money. He asked if I would write a note for him. He told me what to say, and I wrote. Tears filled my eyes, as I noticed the car he kept looking at. The back had a Marine car tag, and a Staff Seargant sticker. He had noticed. He asked me where he should put the money, I told him to wrap it in the note and put it under the windshield wiper. I got out and helped him do that, and he said “I hope they have a little better time with that money.” Tears filled my eyes and pride filled my heart. I snapped a couple of photos and we left, thinking nothing else of it. The following week, I was checking Facebook, and noticed that a message was in my “Others” folder, and it was a message from the recipient’s wife. She said it had absolutely made her husband’s day. What’s amazing, is that we are both from the same small town in Alabama. I told my son that evening, and he smiled. He said “It feels good to give”.

I love teaching my children to respect the time and sacrifices that the military and their families give to keep us safe. It makes me so proud that they are willing to do so with their own money, expecting nothing in return.