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I Like Waiting Lines.

Submitted by Greg Molchan (Hudsonville, MI)

Giving my early ticket in line at the Secretary of State's office to someone who needed it more.

I was lucky to get an early spot in the waiting line at the Secretary of State. A few minutes later a painter came in and the line was already extremely long. He sat next to me with his ticket and asked me, “Does that number on the wall say 64?” And I told him “Yes.” He didn’t seem frustrated or impatient at all. As I waited for my number to be called, a crazy thought entered my mind. I realized it was God speaking to me. He said to give the painter my ticket. Every thought in mind was trying to talk me out of it because it just seemed awkward. I thought, he will think I am crazy, he doesn’t need it. I finally got the courage to lean over and say, “I don’t know why, but I feel like I am supposed to give you my ticket.” He immediately grabbed it out of my hand and handed me his. He said, “I have only 30 minutes for my break and if I don’t get back to work, I might be in trouble.” They called his new ticket number and he got up with joy as I told him it was a total God thing. I felt overwhelmed with happiness to bless him and to know I heard God’s voice! After he left the desk, he smiled at me and waived on his way out the door! Just a simple act of kindness and sacrifice went a long way!!