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I Like Haircuts.

Submitted by KP (Mixhigan)

Elderly woman had to dig into her piggy bank for a haircut. I paid for her cut.

For many years, I had to give my son haircuts because we couldn’t afford them. I went without them myself for years also.

Women feel good getting their hair cut and/or colored. It just adds that extra sizzle when you get older. My husband recently got a new job and started making more money, so for the first time in years, I went to BoRics for a color and cut.

As I sat there looking like a tv antenna with a pound of foils strips on my head, I listened to the elderly woman in the next chair talking about how she had to dig into her piggy bank to be able to pay for her hair cut. I heard bits and pieces of her financial problems of being on a fixed income.

It saddened me because I knew how it felt. I asked my stylist (through writing a note on my phone and showing it to her) that I wanted to secretly pay for the elderly woman’s cut.

The woman’s mood instantly changed when she was told the haircut had been paid. I’m glad I could help someone out financially.