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I Like Cars.

Submitted by Anonymous (UK)

A car for a stranger

We loved our Golf 4 which had served us so well. When we were expecting our first child, we decided to look for a new car and pass our darling on to someone else.
My husband’s father was in the process of buying a new car himself, and when we told him about our plans, he offered to give us his old car free of charge. Wow!
It was a great car. We felt so blessed that we wanted to bless somebody else. We asked the local church for help with finding a person in need of a car.
Sure enough there was a man in the community who really needed one. And man, did it transform his life!
An ex-alcoholic who couldn’t find work because he didn’t have a car was now able to take on a well paid job and sort out his life.
Now we are feeling even more blessed. What a chain-reaction of joy!