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I Like Nursing Students.

Submitted by Colleen (Lake Mary, FL)

Helping an overwhelmed mother reach her dream.

I met a divorced mother of 3 children at church and after talking we discovered we had nursing in common. I was immediately drawn to her caring, gentle, personality and admired her determination to better herself by going back to school. She told me of her dreams to be an RN and ultimately to be a certified nurse anesthetist. Over time, I realized her financial situation was very serious. We were in a small group together and she confided that her phone had been turned off, she was one month behind in rent, soon to be two, eviction was right around the corner, and worst of all, she was dropped from the nursing program due to no payment. I felt panicked – this cannot happen! She was so close to achieving her dream. Just then, a complete stranger turned around and said “How much is your tuition?” And when she heard the amount she casually said, “I’ll pay it.” After hearing a complete stranger offer up her tuition, it inspired me to pay her two months rent. I was so honored to help her, and felt like a little kid on Christmas morning.