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I Like sharing information.

Submitted by Amy (Lebanon, OH)

Adoptee sharing information to half siblings about birth mother to siblings.

I was adopted. I was sent to foster care for 3 short months before I went to my forever home. I hired a private investigator in 1996 in search of my birth-mom. He found her and though she didn’t want much contact, I was fortunate enough to find out that I have two half brothers from my birth-mom and a half sister from my birthfather. I found my 2 half brothers on Facebook. I contacted them and decided to meet one of my half brothers since he was an hour from my home. We met and I got to tell him crucial information about our birth-mom that he had also been searching for his entire life. We talked, shared photos, shared information, and had a great reunion. I am hoping to hear back from my other half brother, who lives across the country, and to share the same information.