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I Like Mom With Screaming Child.

Submitted by Cheryl (Grand Rapids, MI)

I gave an encouraging note and $40 to a harried mom with a screaming 2 year old and twin 8 month old babies on a plane.

It was 5:00 pm at Boston’s Logan Airport when I noticed a mom and dad at the airport gate. Both of them were putting on baby carriers to accommodate their fussy twins while their two year old daughter ran around. The mom looked tired, the dad was doing his share, and they were simply outnumbered. We boarded the plane and when it pulled away, the little girl started to cry. Eventually the cries turned into screams. The dad took the twins while the mom tried to soothe the little girl. I noticed the woman next to me was trying to read and had covered her ears. In the chaos of it all, I started to pray for peace and patience for everyone. As the food and drink cart started down the aisle, the little girl managed to quiet down. At this time I felt “the nudge” to bless the mom. I wrote her an encouraging note and told her she was doing a great job. I also included $40 for a babysitter and a manicure. I passed the note up the aisle. The man in front of me gave me a thumbs up and the woman next to me said “good job.” I ended up giving the woman next to me my “I Like Giving” book. I smiled. Giving feels good.