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I Like Giving.

Submitted by Satyra Oberfrank (Pitman, NJ)

I love being a donor.

My journey with donation started when I was 17 and donated blood. From there I donated platelets so I could be on the Bone Marrow registry. Luck was on my side and I was a match for a 6 year old boy with sever aplastic anemia. I donated bone marrow and then a few months later I donated stem cells. Two and a half years ago I decided to take the big plunge and I donated my kidney to a stranger. People often ask, “Why?” My response has always been “Why not?”. We all have something to give back to the world – some coach little league, some adopt kids. Me, well I literally give a piece of myself. There is no joy in the world larger than receiving a note saying “Thanks for giving my daddy the gift of life”. Like the woman in I love being 98 – I don’t do these things for the praise; I do them because it betters the world.