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I Like Pandas.

Submitted by Amanda W. (Tulsa, OK)

A surprise for a panda-loving Sonic carhop.

Sometime during the winter, we stopped by the Sonic down the street from our house for Happy Hour drinks after school. My daughter was wearing her panda winter hat. When the carhop came out to give us our drinks, she noticed the hat. She went on to tell us that she LOVED pandas and she also had a panda hat! Immediately, I had this desire to give her something with a panda on it. I thought about making her something, but life happened and the thought was lost.

A couple of weeks later, I was out shopping and thought of the panda-loving carhop again. I decided to buy her something with a panda on it. I found a cute little panda change purse! I told my 6 year daughter my plan and she loved it. So we made another stop at Sonic, but no sight of the carhop. We decided to leave it in the car and we would just wait. We frequent our Sonic quite often.

Finally, this week we were surprised to see our carhop again and I remembered the change purse was still in the car! I told her that she may not remember my daughter with the panda hat, but that we wanted to give her something with a panda on it. She was very excited and said it was the best tip she had gotten all day! It was worth the wait to give it to her!