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I Like Reaching out.

Submitted by Cait (Iowa City, IA)

Homelessness isn't a disease. It is a hardship. Every homeless person has a story. I was lucky enough to hear one.

One day I saw a man and his dog sitting next to a Goodwill store where I was dropping off some clothes. Young, maybe 20, dirty, with a dog. I had seen him before, asking for change or a ride. He asked if I had an old sweatshirt for his dog in my bag. We talked for a bit and I asked if he was hungry. He said yes so I put his dog in the backseat of my jeep and he hopped in front. We went through the drive through and I ordered something for him and then took him to a local laundromat. He told me his story of being kicked out of his house and having nowhere else to go. His dog was so sweet. She just laid there so trusting. I gave him the extra cash from my purse, and though it wasn’t a whole lot, I was hoping it would help buy them dinner. We parted ways and I wished him good luck. A few weeks later I saw them again. On the side of the road asking for change. I was on my way to the store so while I was there I picked up what I needed and a few snacks, water, and dog food for the pup. As I was driving home I handed him the bag with a few more dollars in it. The smile on his face, not even KNOWING what I was handing him, made my heart smile. I wish I could remember his name but I will always remember his dog’s name is Cheyanne. I hope he gets an opportunity to be great and spread his joy with the world. I can tell just by our few interactions that he is a special person!