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I Like Gas.

Submitted by Jenn (San Antonio, TX)

I ran out of gas at a four-way stop sign.

I ran out of gas at a four-way stop sign, completely in the way, and watched several cars drive past. Eventually, a truck stopped next to me to make sure I was okay. I told him I was out of gas and he said he would help me push the car out of the way. Then two other guys stopped to help too. The first man then asked if someone was on the way with gas. I said yes. The truth was they were 40 minutes away but I was too ashamed to ask for any more help. So they all left. I sat there for about 10 minutes when the same man came back with a tank of gas. I offered to pay him but he wouldn’t take it. He just handed me an “I Like” card that led me to this website. He also followed me to the gas station to make sure I made it there okay and then he waved goodbye.