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I Like Royalty.

Submitted by Nancy (Freeport)

She was beautiful, talented, and young, but felt alone, depressed and distant from God. She needed to see what God saw.

“Bethany” was a college girl who sang with me on the worship team. After Saturday evening services she confided in my husband that she was clinically depressed. People who have experienced depression know it is difficult, if not impossible to feel God’s presence while you are in that deep, dark pit. I felt an overwhelming urge to show her God’s love in a tangible way she’d remember. I got up early the next day and went to the store. After service, I called her down from the stage. “Do I have permission to speak into your life?” I asked. She agreed and I told her to sit down and close her eyes. “I’m gonna put something in your hand,” I said as I placed a square hand mirror there. Then I placed a silver and rhinestone wedding tiara on her head and told her to open her eyes. “This is how God sees you. You are his princess. Remember that.” I said. “No one has ever done anything like that for me before. God speaks through you, woman! I have been praying and asking God ‘How do you see me?’ and …” She began to sob. Standing, she threw her arms around me and we cried together. Then Bethany held me with one arm and lifted the other to heaven as she prayed for me and thanked God. Even though the items I gave her cost less than $20, it was a sacrifice for us and I felt like a fool and a hero at the same time buying them. It wasn’t in the budget but there was a thrilling rightness about the whole thing. My friend needed this moment; this memory of God’s love for her more than I needed the cash. It was worth any cost.