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I Like Lifting a Spirit.

Submitted by Anonymous (Caledonia, MI)

I have a dear friend that is pregnant, works long hours and does the best she can and doesn't ask for anything.

I have a friend that is very dear to me. She is pregnant and this pregnancy has been far from well let’s say “easy”. She works long hours, over time most weeks. She always tries her best even when she feels she is at her end. I’m very proud of her trying to work so much, not only be pregnant and already have children but to have such a rough pregnancy and STILL get up and go about life to provide for her family. She doesn’t make the most money in the world she misses out on many things that are important and goes without a lot. As family needs come first always to her.

Recently when I came to work and had this gift to give, she had been at my house to visit that same day. Her windshield wipers were so bad, and hard for her to see safely in this weather we have been having. She didn’t even have the extra money to get a safe new pair. When I read that letter that night at work my heart dropped and she came to mind instantly! I knew right then and there – She was the one I would surprise this blessing with.

Sure, I could have used this money for things of want and/or need but she deeply needed it more than I. I went out and bought a little card and placed the money inside it and placed it in her home mailbox without my name or anything on it. I simply placed the letter that was passed along to me with the extra book and the card together. Later that day she called me crying, not sad but tears of joy. “What stranger would just GIVE out $50”? She asked me. No idea, I said. I could hear in her voice how thankful she was. The first thing she said to me was “I’m going to get new wipers”! That she did. A few days later she showed me the book and we went over it together. She was touched by the book and told me she handed it down to her sister that has had many ups and downs in life over the past 2 years. She hoped it could mean as much to her as it did her and I. Now I am already an emotional person but this brought tears to my eyes and I am so moved that I work for a company that gives that opportunity to bless others.