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I Like Del Taco.

Submitted by Adam P McWilliams (Riverside, CA)

A homeless man at Del Taco receives a free meal.

A few years back I was on my way home from my second job. Now I grew up with a homeless uncle and my family did not really give to the homeless. In my uncle’s case he drank his life away and held interesting conversations from substance abuse. He had had a great life too. He could make anything out of metal and it was a God given gift.

Well, being in my mid 20’s and having worked about 14 hours I stopped at a Del Taco to get food before I went home. There was a homeless man there that I had seen before. He was always asking for money at night. This time I was thinking to myself “ Why would this guy be here at 10 pm asking for money?” So I rolled down my window and asked if he had eaten that day, he said he had but early in the morning and it was very small. He was just looking for money for food. I asked him if he liked tacos or burritos, and he said he would eat either. I told him if he wants to just meet me at the other side of the drive through I will have food for him. He kind of got a little teary eyed and I knew then that this was huge for him. I have never personally gone hungry I have been blessed to have a job or two and have the strength to get me through working somewhere I might not like (thank to God). I ordered up the food and met him on the other side, he thanked me profusely and said I was the first person to offer him food in two weeks. I asked him if he had anyone to eat with, he said he did not, I asked him if he would like company, he said it was ok and that I should head home. I told him if he wanted food again I would be back in a couple days.

I saw him a couple more times and got food for him. I then stopped seeing him, I always hope it’s because he is doing better now. It was all I could do for him, but I will never forget that. If I have food now I always offer it if I see someone in need, hopefully food for the belly brings peace for the soul.