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I Like Gas.

Submitted by Andrew (Nashville, Tennessee)

The victim of a vehicle robbery needs gas to get home. In the end, both parties receive more than they expected.

For years, my giving has been very “robotic”, lacking any real joy. I knew (intellectually) that giving was the most fun I could have with money, but I didn’t feel it in my heart. I started reading “I Like Giving” (the book) and began praying that God would send a giving opportunity my way – something I would recognize and have the courage to act on – something that would get me excited about giving. Well, without hesitation, God showed up.

The very next day, as I was pulling into the gas station, a guy walked up to me. He was around my age and looked very stressed. He said, “I’m so embarrassed to ask you this. Agh, I feel so stupid… do you have any money? Someone broke into my pickup earlier today – they stole my laptop, stole my wallet, I’m out of gas, and I’m trying to get back home.” He mentioned that “home” was about an hour away.

I could not believe it. Nobody has ever approached me at a gas station like this before and I had just prayed for an opportunity like this the night before. As he showed me the broken window in his truck, I couldn’t help but smirk as I realized this was the opportunity God was presenting me. Having set extra giving money aside this month, I was ready to jump in with both feet. I didn’t have cash on me, so I told him to wait – I would get him some.

I went to the ATM and pulled out $200. Walking back out of the store, I was in shock. Not only did God show up so powerfully, but I couldn’t believe my attitude! I was thinking, “Oh my goodness, I am so excited to do this!”

I handed him the $200. I said, “Look – I want you to have this. I’ve been looking for someone to bless this season.” The expression on his face was priceless. Luckily, he accepted the money and would not stop thanking me. His attitude completely changed – he was like a whole new person. Hah, little did he know – I was a new person too.

I went back into the store. As he walked in to pay for his gas, he saw me in the corner of the store. He yelled, “Thanks again. Thanks so much. I just want to let you know my daughter is going to have a very Merry Christmas this year because of you.”

As he walked away, he was talking excitedly on his phone. I was on Cloud 9 the rest of the night. I could not believe it. I don’t know who was blessed more – me or him. Needless to say, I will never view giving as “robotic” again.