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I Like Vet Office Giving.

Submitted by Anonymous (Southern California, CA)

Helping someone help their pet

We keep a fund set aside that we put money into every month for vet expenses for our two cats and two dogs. Recently, our otherwise healthy cat needed emergency surgery and we were able to afford it. That got us talking about what we would’ve done if we hadn’t been able to afford it, and how painfully sad that would have been.

So, we got some things together – including a computer and some collectibles – and sold them on ebay. We put that money into an envelope and hid it. We’ve been adding bits here and there as time goes on, in preparation for the day we meet someone, crying in the vet’s office because they cannot afford life-saving surgery or medicine for their cat or dog.

We told our friends and family about it and they’re giving us their cans to recycle (for cash), change, and occasionally a $20 around bonus time. It moves me that my circle understands the importance of pets to their family.

The envelope has become known as the “10th Life fund” in reference to the 9 lives cats have. Hopefully this envelope can go to giving a loving pet another chance. We’ve asked our vet to call us if they have a case in need of help so that we can pay the bill anonymously.