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I Like Gasoline.

Submitted by Ken Williams (Spring, TX)

Paid for a stranger's gas

I pulled into a gas station driving a rented SUV, black, very new…wearing my slacks, dress shirt and sweater. On the other side of a pump was a guy pumping gas into his very old, broken down SUV…his clothes and appearance told me that he was probably counting every dime of gas he pumped. I walked around the pump and said, “Hello,” and got a cordial response with a half smile. I pulled out a $50 bill and gave it to him and said, “I’d like to pay for your gas. Merry Christmas.” He looked at the money but didn’t take it…“Really?” I said, “Yes, I want to pay for your gas. Keep the change.” “All of it?” he asked. “Yes, Merry Christmas!” It looked to me like a smile holding back tears and he stepped forward to take my hand and said, “Thank you, sir!” As he drove off I know that I was uplifted by the moment and hoped that he would have an uplifting story to share.