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I Like Parking Lot Attendant.

Submitted by anonymous (Someplace in West Michigan)

Book and $50 and a Merry Christmas to my favorite parking lot attendant

The second Tuesday of every month she is there. I am always missing a parking lot ticket. I arrive before 7:00 am before she even arrives and the gates are open. I arrive early to set up for my monthly business roundtable meeting. After the meeting, I head back to the parking lot, tell her what organization I am with and with a push of the button, I am on my way. She always gives me a smile and wishes me a nice day, but our conversations are never more than that. Today will be different. I will get her name and most importantly thank her for all her kindness through the year. Then I gave her the book and $50 bill sticking out of the middle. Her smile was priceless. For a moment someone cared to know her name and cared enough to give her a gift.

I am not sure what next month will bring (she will proably charge me for parking), but the joy she received and the joy I received from giving may have been the best part of this Christmas season.