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I Like Music .

Submitted by Tonya Lynette Stout (Nashville, TN)

Seeds planted everywhere...

I moved to Nashville TN to pursue songwriting as a career a little over 10 years ago. After writing hundreds of songs, this one song exemplifies my story, your story, our story and is “the song” that I am most proud of and felt was “a gift” to us. About a month ago, I read about your campaign in one of Mark Batterson’s books, then today I saw Dave Ramsey post a video on Facebook and I thought “I must share this song with you!”

Two years ago, I mailed small red bags with a recording of “A Seed” on a CD & a $20 bill inside of it to ten families one month before Christmas. I asked each family to “bless someone” with the $20 bill and then put their own $20 in the bag & the CD the following year so ‘A Seed’ could continue being planted. I am not sure how many times “A Seed” has been planted, but I’m certain it’s been watered and the fruits have been revealed.

The response to this song has been overwhelming and my hope is that the ‘red seed bags’ will continue to grow everywhere. Hope you enjoy the song.

Tonya Lynette Stout