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I Like brands.

Submitted by Kambridge Van Der Veur (Park City, UT)

True happiness

My mother loves shopping, and is good at it too. Not too far down town, is a store that she spends most of her Saturdays in. Working at the store is a women in her forties, with harsh habit of smoking. When accompanying my mom, I always saw how much an effort my mother would make to talk to her. The woman was very nice, and funny. One day in the parking lot, after an hour or two of shopping, a boy about my age walked from the store. I remember saying how weird his clothes were, because he was wearing pants too big and a shirt too small. My mom then told me that he was the son of the women working in the store, and that she had had a heart attack recently. Her son, this boy, had been living out in California with his dad and had flown to see her. She had been living in her car, but had luckily been able to rent out a basement. Her son would help her out in the store, no pay, so that his mom could maybe come home earlier. He owned two pairs of pants, two t-shirts, and one pair of shoes. A few weeks later my mom put together a back-pack, filled with school supplies, and old hand me downs of my brother’s closet. When she gave them to the women to give to her son, she broke down crying, speechless. She later reported that when she gave the back-pack full of things to her son, he asked repeatedly, why would she do this? He had tried on all the clothing, and to what didn’t fit, he had said: I can make it work mom, I’ll make it work.

His mom said it was the first time he had ever worn name brands.

True happiness comes when you start to focus on the people around you.