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I Like music. .

Submitted by Tommy Moore (Panama City, Florida)

Giving away my iPod.

I love music. Plain & simple. In my mind is the soundtrack of my life. To aide me in this, I have several iPods loaded with all my music. Fortunately, as a gift, I received an iPod large enough to hold my entire music collection. This left me with a slew of older iPods I had no idea what to do with. Then it was impressed upon me to give them to some of my kids who attend my youth center. It was especially wonderful to give one to a young man who would not otherwise have an iPod. When I called him into my office, sat him down, and gave it to him, tears began to swell in his eyes. I asked if everything was ok? He answered that he had just asked & prayed to get an iPod so he could escape with the music I listen to. And have his own time to praise and worship.