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I Like Little League Baseball.

Submitted by Rafael E Nunez (Orlando, FL)

During December of 2012, I decided to gather used baseball equipment from garage sales and craigslist to donate to underprivileged kids in the Dominican Republic. A co-worker introduced me to his wife who was serving as president to a local little league association. The president became very excited about the cause and agreed to gather and donate equipment. There after, she shared the idea with the owner of a pizzeria where they held their meetings. He also became excited and decided to run a promotion for an entire month where they gave away free pizzas for equipment donations. Leading up to opening day in March of 2013 the response was overwhelming. We gathered over 700 pieces of equipment. After a local newspaper ran our story, we started receiving calls from other people wanting to donate. Well, we flew back again in June with close to 2000 pieces of equipment and a softball team who chose to travel for a charitable expirience. Among this team, a few of them decided to donate a well to a community in a mountaneous region. This movement gave birth to an organization now called Giving Feels Awesome. Please enjoy our short documentary video :)