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I Like Helping Children.

Submitted by Harvey Larochelle (Vancouver, BC)

The Ice Cream Truck

I did a random act of kindness today. I heard some children shout “ice cream” and I saw them run after the ice cream truck as it drove away from the park. They were about 5 and 7 years of age. They ran for two blocks and I caught up to them with my car. I asked them if they wanted ice cream and they confirmed that they did. I told them that I would chase the truck driver and ask him to come back. I told them to wait right there, as I would give the driver their exact location. They thanked me so sincerely. I finally did catch up with the truck driver, after a three block chase and he was extremely grateful for the business. I went back to tell the children that he would be there very soon and they were incredibly grateful. The young boy asked me to wait so they could give me all of the change they had left, after they bought their ice cream. I said: “I don’t want your change, sweetie. I just want to help” , and I drove away as we waved goodbye to each other. That was precious!