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I Like Having my faith in humanity restored

Submitted by Kathleen Collins (Livonia, MI)

I lost my purse, wallet, identity and dollars - and it was returned to me.

My husband and I had a getaway (conference) weekend in Traverse City, MI. We stopped for lunch in T.C. on the way home and I left my purse, with my driver’s license, credit cards, and cash, hanging on the back of the chair, not discovering this until we were almost 3 hours away! We called the restaurant – it was STILL THERE!! No one had taken it! Everything was in it. I asked the young man who answered the phone to please take $20 for himself, then use the remaining cash to have it express shipped to us. When it arrived, there was a note telling us shipping was $11.73, the change was in the purse, and he couldn’t accept taking money for doing the right thing. Faith in humanity received a major boost! This happened almost 15 years ago and I’ll never forget his kindness and the honesty of both this kid and the patrons who chose to do the right thing.