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I Like keyboard.

Submitted by Beth (North Little Rock, AR)

A Craigslist ad turns into an opportunity to bless a stranger.

Every year around Christmas time, instead of buying each other gifts, my husband and I ask God to show us a person or family who we can bless for Christmas. This past year, we still hadn’t found a family to bless, but as Christmas approached we found them unexpectedly.

A woman called in response to a Craigslist ad that my husband had placed a week or so before. He was trying to sell a Yamaha keyboard and some related equipment for $120. When the lady called, she mentioned that she was hoping to buy it for her grandkids. They really wanted a piano, but their home was so small and the house was already full of people—her daughter and the grandkids lived with her and her husband. So, the keyboard was a promising option. The family had been having a hard time financially and she was so excited to find something affordable. My husband asked her if there was anything he could pray for, and she poured her heart out, sharing more about their financial hardship and her husband’s health issues. Before the conversation was over, my husband had learned that this lady was feeding her family on $40 a week. Feeling generous, he offered to take $20 off the price and she was even more excited. They hung up and he filled me in on the details.

I looked at him and said, “Honey, this could be the family we bless this year. Let’s just give her the keyboard for free.” He agreed, so he called her back to tell her. The woman just cried and cried. My husband said he was almost kind of bummed about not making any money off the keyboard, but it felt better to give it to her for free. And then I remembered the $100 bill I had in my wallet that I’d made from selling some furniture. I’d already spent that money 5 different ways in my mind, but I felt the Lord leading me to practice the generosity that I preach and go further with the blessing. So, when we met the lady to give her the keyboard, we also gave her a Merry Christmas card with my money stashed inside for groceries or whatever she needed.

I hoped that she’d see Christ’s love in our actions, and wondered what she’d thought about the gift of the money. We never heard from her again. But, the point of blessing someone is never to receive thanks for it anyway. We were grateful that God blessed us with an opportunity to be generous to a stranger and prayed that she might see that our giving was flowing from the source of HIS generosity.