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I Like Giving My Cars.

Submitted by Anonymous (Winston Salem , NC)

Instead of trading or selling my cars when I don't need them, I give them to those who need them.

I had a car that my kids used to drive until they finished college. When my last child graduated, the car just sat in my driveway. It was still in pretty good shape so instead of trying to sell it, I gave it to a Hispanic employee of my husband. He has a wife and 3 kids and is studying to be a minister. He has had it for 4 years and is still enjoying it. Last year, my husband wanted me to get a newer car since mine was getting older. Just like the other car, it was still in fairly good shape. My daughter had a friend that is a single struggling mom whose car just could not be fixed. We gave it to her and she was in tears. It is amazing how I saw those used cars as not so special but those two people thought I had given them the world. I know that those will not be last cars I will give to those who need one.