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I Like Mortgage.

Submitted by Brandon Harris (Chattanooga, TN)

A group of people help a struggling family pay 3 months of their mortgage

A group of friends and I learned about a family who were struggling to make ends meet, and were close to forclosing on their house. Months before Patty and her husband Tommy were in a terrible bicyle wreck that left Tommy critically injured. Tommy was unable to work, and denied disability. This left Patty fighting to keep her family afloat.

When we found out about Patty and Tommy, we had the idea that we would raise money for them to pay one month’s mortgage on their home. One lady in our group worked at a local Christian bookstore that was hiring outside part timers to work in their annual inventory. The manager there agreed to hire eight of us to work, knowing we were donating our money to a family in need. We also held a huge multi-family yard sale. We sold everything we could get our hands on, and when it was all over had raised over $2,500!

We invited Tommy, Patty, and their daughters over for a nice meal. They had never met most of us. After the meal we explained that we had been praying for them and were able to raise some money. When we handed them the card, Patty began to cry. She saw the amount and realized that it was enough to pay over 3 months of the mortgage on their home. At this point we were all crying, and ending the evening with big hugs and “I love you’s” with people we barely knew. As always, we were the ones that probably left feeling on cloud nine. There is no explanation for the joy that comes from generous giving.