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I Like Helping Others Climb Out of Crisis.

Submitted by Sara Wolters (Oakhurst, California)

We help families in crisis by offering them shelter in our own home.

This story begins when the Prentice family stumbles into helping the homeless when mom Lori delivers their Thanksgiving dinner to a homeless family in need. Upon discovery of the family, parents Jay and Lori immediately drop off their kids with the grandparents, four and a half hours away, and drive straight back, missing a second turkey dinner so they could clear out and convert their spare room into an apartment.

About three years later, the first family they helped is still in the apartment they saved money for while staying with the Prentices, and now several more homeless families follow the same pattern. Lori posts an upcoming vacancy in the spare room hoping to find a homeless person to take in from the cold. When multiple people respond, looking for a place to stay, Jay and Lori move out of their bedroom, bust a hole in the wall to put in an external entry door, and go searching for another homeless stranger to bring in to the warmth.

From the suggestion of one of their guests, Lori Prentice decided to share this story with the world. She has written a picture book, The Best Dinner I Never Ate, that shares this story in a way that relates to all ages and backgrounds. Right now we have a campaign on Kickstarter ( to raise the funds to self-publish this wonderful book and complementing lesson plans for children’s ministries.

This story has been in the on the radio, on TV, in the newspapers, and featured in many blogs. Help us spread the word and bring this book to life.

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” Matthew 11:28