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I Like being clean

Submitted by Karen (Newport News,VA)

Give backpacks full of personal Hygiene items

One day I saw a man holding onto a branch under a tree. His face was so white and it was over 100 degrees (Fahrenheit) outside. I noticed his clothes were white and very dirty. His shoes were old and worn. He had a long beard and a dirty hat on. I purchased a bottle of water and gave it to him. He was very thankful. I then decided to go to the thrift store and purchase a few backpacks. I filled them with plastic rain coats, soap and wash cloths, shaving cream, razors, deodorant, small containers of shampoo and conditioner. The whole bag cost about $13.00. I gave this bag to the man. I also started to create them 2 a month. As I saw more and more people that needed help I gave them the bags. Nothing makes a person feel better than when we feel clean. It wasn’t much, but it was better than walking past and doing nothing. I keep one in my car just in case.