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I Like pizza.

Submitted by Mike R (Rockville Centre, NY)

A story about a hungry family immediately after hurricaine Sandy

It was the day after Hurricaine Sandy pummeled the south shore of Long Island and most communities were without electricity as well as other essential needs. Fortunately a few businesses had backup generator power and were able to stay open for business.
It was a bit after noon and the local pizza store had a line out the door as customers were trying to get some form of nourishment. As I approaced the cashier after placing my order I over hear the customer in front of me pleading with the counter man to take his credit card. He related the story that his home had been destroyed by the storm, he lost most of his belongings and his kids were hungry. When his credit card was denied by the clerk due to the fact that restaurant was not able to process credit cards the customer was referred to the ATM at the bank next door. Unfortunately ATM service was unavailable as well.
Just as the patron was about to walk out I told the counter clerk to add it to my tab. The customer looked at me and asked who I was and all I could say was that I worked in the neighborhood. He stood there in disbelief and at first refused the offer. When I told him I was serious and wanted to make sure his kids had lunch his eyes welled up in tears and thanked me profusely.
The joy of giving was an incredible experience.