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I Like Military Special Operations.

Submitted by Maryke Webb (Washington DC)

Red Circle Foundation

I am writing to tell you about a foundation (Red Circle Foundation) that my brother a former Navy Seal and I created to help Special Operations Forces in their times of need. My brother was seeing so many families directly affected by tragic events such as those of the 8/6/11, the Bengazi attacks and the like. The sad truth is that these families often don’t have the immediate support they need to deal with the loss of a service member or to pay for a proper memorial. Our mission is to provide gap funding for Special Operations families in need. There are a lot of great charities that serve the Special Operations community however, most take weeks to months before funds can be deployed to help people in need. This is where Red Circle Foundation comes in, we can act within minutes and provide immediate assistance to bridge this funding gap. So far we have given 15,000 to assist families affecting by tragedy and we are launching an educational grant program soon as well. Our military families make so many sacrifices for us and this is our opportunity to give back to them when they most need it.