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I Like William.

Submitted by Elizabeth (Princeton, NJ)

Older man with cerebral palsy can see again

We see William on most days. He’s a 67 year old man with cerebral palsy who rides a scooter from his apartment to Starbucks in the center of Princeton. Once there, he sweeps the sidewalk and opens the door for customers. My 3 year old and 1 year old sons love seeing William, and get excited when they see his scooter.

I had coffee with William one morning when I didn’t have the boys with me, and learned a lot about his life. When I attempted to show him some pictures on the computer, I realized that his eyesight was so poor he couldn’t see them. He said he could see very little and had been without glasses for a long time because he accidentally sat on them. He said he doesn’t have anyone else to take him to the eye doctor and doesn’t have insurance.

Right then, I scheduled an eye appointment for later that day. Our family of four picked him up in front of Starbucks, took him to the eye doctor and got him a pair of glasses. Now William can see.