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I Like shoes.

Submitted by joyce (valparasio ind)

giving of comfort and warmth

Sometimes we take for granite everything we put on our body, the simplest actions we do everyday are forgotten before we take the next breath. I have a friend that is not doing so well financially, she does not have the cash to buy the things she needs but always gives so generously anything she has to everyone else. I bought a exspensive pair of work shoes and wore them for a day or two, they didnt feel good. I watched her come to work in holes in her shoes and two pair of socks, i decided to give them to her instead of taking them back, she is happy and says her feet are warm now for the first time in a long time. Knowing i helped some one else makes my heart sing, i dont have alot but what i do have anyone can have if it will help them feel better. i love the smile on her face. i love taking care of my brother or sister,my world.