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I Like Thankgiving.

Submitted by Tracy Autler (Sonora)

Story of the kindness of a stranger to a struggling mother on Thanksgiving.

I love to recall the event that started my journey of giving. It was a cold November, I was a single mom to a three year old and was due to have my second child in a week. I lived in a tiny apartment, surviving on welfare and food stamps. As I struggled to provide a very modest Thanksgiving meal from canned food that I picked up at the food bank, there was a knock at my door. A young man from a local restaurant said he had a delivery for me. He brought in a fully cooked complete Thanksgiving meal with all the trimmings! He said it had been purchased by an anonymous donor. I was so moved, I cried most of that day. About fifteen years later, when I was working as a registered nurse, my next door neighbor from years ago was one of my patients. She was dying from Multiple Sclerosis. I cared for her for three days, and on the last day, she held my hand and said “Happy Thanksgiving”. I knew at that moment that this was the woman who brightened my life all those years ago. I will never forget you Margot, and thank you.