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I Like Bagels.

Submitted by Keren (Haworth, NJ)

Starting the day off by giving. Started the day off right.

Such a humbling experience this morning..

Went to the bagel shop to pick up bagels for work and something in my heart told me, “Hey why not start off your day by doing something nice?”
I was hesitant and thought to myself, “If I do this.. It’ll be so awkward.. I cant.”
So I went up to the cash register to pay for my bagels and again a voice said, “Now! Now is your chance. Go for it. Give this man something to smile about before going to work!”
So I listened. I got over the awkwardness and I said to the man at the register, “Hey I know this might be weird.. but do you think I can pay for my bagels and also the man behind me?”
The guy at the register looked at me funny and I thought, “SHOOT! AWKWARD!” But then he responded and said, “Ok! Sure!”
When the next man in line tried to pay he was told his purchase was already paid for and the man looked at me so confused but said “Thank you so much.”

Do something nice without expecting anything in return.
I like bagels. I like giving.