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I Like Quilts.

Submitted by Christy (Omaha, Ne)

I make homemade baby quilts for young mothers who have no families.

I have three grown children. When they were babies, their great-grandmother made them each handmade baby quilts. They were hand pieced, & hand-quilted….beautiful heirloom quality quilts. My boys loved those blankets above all their other blankets. They used them, lived them, played with them, and slept with them until they were nothing but tatters. Fast-forward to now…we have a shelter in our town that provides a safe place for young mothers who have no families of their own to have their babies. These babies have no grandmas to make them handmade blankets to use and love to pieces, I made and donated 6 quilts this year, enough for each mom at the shelter. Everyone deserves their own blankie made with love.