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I Like gift cards.

Submitted by B Damon (McPherson, KS)

Visa gift cards for Christmas

Picked up three visa gift cards and put them in Christmas cards to give to strangers in need.

I knew I had extra cash that could bless someone elses Christmas. Just had to figure out who needed them and how to give it without drawing attention to myself. I’m just that type of person. I don’t need much recognition and do my best to stay away from attention getting schemes. With the cards all prepped and ready to go I headed to church with them the Sunday before Christmas. I knew I could give them to random myself. But then I would be put in the spot light for if recognized. So I pulled the husband of a generous couple I know aside and gave Him the scoop on my intentions and asked if he and his wife could help. Of course they where glad to. Before I managed to leave the building I saw a single mother getting one of the special Christmas cards. Mission accomplished. Thanks for sharing and helping with my small steps towards being a generous person friends.