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I Like Hats..

Submitted by Rae (Harlingen, TX)

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This weekend we took a trip to the Kemah Boardwalk in Texas. We had a wonderful time playing the games and riding the ferris wheel. While there, we played the ring toss game, we had 2 children watching us but even though we offered to share our rings, they were too shy to play. When done we handed them the hat that the rings were in. The boy about 8 was sooo excited to get the hat. Later we bought a cowboy hat with lights and feathers, as we were walking around a teenage girl stopped us to tell us how much she loved our hat. As we walked off with discussed it and turned back and gave her the hat. She was reluctant to take it but was then soo over joyed with recieving the hat. We were glad to make that night memoriable for others.