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I Like Lemonade.

Submitted by Erin Heuberger (Cottonwood, MN)

My girls and their friends decided to have a "name your price" lemonade stand and give all proceeds to World Vision!

We advertised in the paper, put flyers all over town, sent an email out through our church and our school. We hoped that everyone in our small town would hear about our lemonade stand! I (mom) work at a church and received a World Vision – your gift multiplies 5x- letter in our church mail. I see several letters like this every week, but something told me I should take this one seriously. I brought the letter home with me that day. That night, my kids and I were driving back from the store and we heard your program on Family Life Today (or Focus on the Family…not really sure…it was Friday, May 11, 2012). As soon as we got home, we went to your site and watched a few videos. We were all inspired and began to pray about what we could do. We went through a few ideas but landed on the “Lemons to Lemonade” idea. Our last day of school was on May 17th and my two girls were having 2 friends sleep over. The four of them went around town hand delivering the flyers and generating excitement. We headed to the store that night and bought lots of lemonade, poster board, and fresh lemons so we could put a fresh slice in each cup! Our stand the next day was a great success! We served about 60 costumers and brought in $211.76! One of the girls said that they had always wanted to do something like this (give/serve generously) better never really got a chance to do it. One of my girls said (a few days ago) how she was so worried that if we didn’t do something right away that we would forget to do it. Well, by the grace of God, all the details worked out and we had a very successful day. No one even once mentioned how it would have been nice to have that $ for themselves, but all were thrilled to be giving it to those in need. We had had a pretty big breakfast that morning and I urged the girls to not feel bad for the blessings that God had given them, but to remember that not all children have full bellies this morning. They were eager and willing to help and I’m so glad we didn’t “forget”! Thanks again for the inspiration!