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I Like Marriage.

Submitted by Amy Barber (Grand Rapids, MI)

Learning to be more like Jesus every day through marriage.

Marriage. The thing longed for, desired since I was a young girl playing dress up in my playroom. What do you want to be when you grow up? My answer …“wife and mommy”. Little prepares you for what it really means, especially if you grow up in a non-Christian home. I have learned that marriage is a daily choice. Your spouse and you were designed to encourage one another like no one else and open up wounds, gaping wounds, so that the love of Christ could heal them and make you more like Him…together. I may not love my husband as easily, as effortlessly or as naturally as someone else, but no one will try harder to love my husband the way that Christ loves him than I will. This I have known since I uttered the words “I Do.” SO@50