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I Like Haiti.

Submitted by Hannah (USA)

My parents challenged me to give, I challenged them as well!

Back in January of 2010 when Haiti was struck by a devastating earthquake my parents asked my brother and me to come upstairs one night and have a family meeting. They began to talk about the tragedy of the earthquake and the life-altering consequences people would face as a result of what happened. My mom and dad take their giving really seriously and they have explained to my brother and me that at the end of each year and the beginning of the next year they lay out a plan for the different ministries that they feel the Lord is asking them to partner with that coming year. Sometimes they partner with organizations for more than a year. In 2010 my mom and dad had already prayerfully created a plan for their giving and when the earthquake occurred my parents sensed God asking them to do something significant beyond that plan.

So my dad called a family meeting…

He and my mom explained to my brother and me what they were going to do and then because my parents so badly want us to understand how the Lord has blessed us they have become very intentional in the way they challenge my brother and me to give ourselves. Over the course of the previous months I had accumulated a fairly sizeable amount of money for an 11 year old girl. The combinations of birthdays, good grades, Christmas and then just a few “blessings” over the previous 6 or 8 months had put me in a position where I had a bank account with a pretty good chunk of money in it.

In my parents explanation to us that they were going to do something significant beyond their plan for 2010 they wanted us to understand that because of their gift they would actually say “no” to something they had been planning separately to do on our home, i.e. renovations. My dad asked us if we would pray individually about what God might say to us to do. So we prayed and were going to let my dad know if we felt like the Lord was asking us to do something specifically. A few minutes went by and my dad said “Do you guys have any idea what you want to do?” My brother immediately said “Yes dad I’ll give X dollars.” My dad said “That’s great, Hannah what about you?” I didn’t say anything.

My dad said to my brother “Hey Zachary, that’s really good but that doesn’t seem like it’s really much of a sacrifice to you” (of course my dad knows how much money my brother and I have ….) My brother said “Well, ok then I’ll do Y dollars” (2.5x what he had first said). So I leaned over to my mom and I whispered something to her – and my dad said “Hannah do you have any idea?”

I didn’t say anything. I think my dad was wondering what in the world was going on in my head. He said to my brother “Zachary that’s great that you want to give more, but what if I told you that I would do 10x what you do, what would you want to do?”

My brother thought for a minute and then he said what he wanted to give. I was silent and my dad said “Hannah, do you have any idea what you want to do?” I told him “Dad, will you do 10x for what I want to do?”
My mom and dad said “of course we will…we meant that for both of you.” My dad said “Why do you ask that question?” I told him, “A minute ago I whispered to mom that I think God was telling me to give everything I have in my bank account…”

And so I did…

I like giving!