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I Like Target because it serves as a platform for my giving.

Submitted by Robyn Johnson (Alexandria, VA)

When I shop at Target, I usually end up so much more than my purchases

A few weeks ago, I went into Target to grab a few items. Just as I was about to pass this lady walking slowly in front of me, I distinctly heard God’s voice telling me to “look at her”. I quickly looked at her and attempted to go on my merry way. Then I heard it again….God instructed me to look at her, so this time I looked closely at her. I noticed that she was a tall lady, dressed in many layers with ran over shoes. As I passed her, I looked into her basket and saw that she had very little items and she walked very slowly. As I approached the checkout line, I heard the voice again….“beloved, look at her”. So I made a u-turn with my shopping cart and I smiled pleasantly as I spoke to her. She smiled back trying not to expose her missing teeth. Feeling as if I was “stalking” her, I passed her again and noticed that she was counting her money over and over again. She pulled out what appeared to be a Target coupon and went back to counting her few bills. This time as I entered the check out line, I looked at her and reached inside my purse and pulled out a $20 bill. As I approched her to give her the money, I told her “God told me to give this to you”. She was more than amazed as she shouted “SHUT UP …..SHUT UP……SHUT UP” over and over again in the middle of Target. I smiled gently and went back to checking out. As I checked out she appeared behind the store associate as tears began to stream down her face. She came over to me and ask if she could give me a hug and I said “sure”. As I hugged her, I told her that “God has people watching out for her and that she wasn’t alone.”