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I Like UNC Golf Shirts.

Submitted by Henry Kaestner (Durham, NC)

going around topless in the interest of giving to a sports fan and having some fun at the same time

I was with my 3 boys on a Saturday afternoon going to drop off the younger two at Chuck E Cheese for a birthday party. I walk in to make sure that Graham and Joe were taken care of, and the boy manning the entrance rope, says “hey, that’s a really, really cool shirt”…..indeed it was, and my favorite shirt at that, a very, very nice UNC (sorry Duke fans) golf shirt. I said, “thanks” and dropped my boys off.

Well, I got back in the minivan, and the way that the boy had said what he said really impacted me. It was a a combination of admiration and longing, the latter in a way that made it clear that he wasn’t in a position to be able to afford getting one on his own anytime soon.

So, off with my shirt. I asked my oldest son, Benjamin, to walk it in and give it to him. I then drove home topless…..better yet, I ran from the minivan to the house in our busy neighborhood topless (with just jeans and shoes on). My eldest son loved it…..I think that the boy at Chuck E Cheese loved it. I hope that Jesus loved it……..I know I did. :)