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I Like Groceries.

Submitted by Lerin W (Houston TX)

My encounter with a giver at WalMart

I checked out at WalMart with a very pregnant belly and two toddlers in the cart too. Our bill neared $300, as I had been waiting to refill my pantry and freezer until my husband got paid. For whatever reason, my debit card was declined at the register. I don’t have cash or carry credit cards, so I was frantic. I called my husband and he said the money was there, that it must be a problem with the card. Red-faced and trying not to cry, I asked the cashier if I could scoot my cart to the side and try to work out what was going wrong. While on the phone with my husband and the bank, the cashier turned to me and said, “Your bill is paid.”

I looked up in confusion at first, saying “It went through, then?” She assured me it had and I dazedly walked a few steps when I noticed the receipt she handed me had a signature on it. I realized the lady behind me had paid my bill. I turned back with tears in my eyes and asked if I could have her address so I could send her a check to pay her back. She said, “Absolutely not. Just accept it as a gift.” I gave her a big hug, and barely made it to the car before sobbing. It was such a random act of kindness for me and my family.