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I Like trumpet

Submitted by Dale Groves (Jacksonville, FL)

A junior High student had his Trumpet stolen, but refused to drop band class, so he finger played an imanginary trumpet.

I am a police officer in Jacksonville Florida. A fellow officer told me a heart wrenching story of how an underpriveldged child in junior high had his trumpet stolen. The child was so disappointed that he did not have a trumpet and wanted to badly to continue learning to play that trumpet, that he refused to quit band class. The class did not have a trumpet to loan him so instead he sat in that class and played his imanginary trumpet.

I contacted several officers in the area that I worked and together we collected enough money to purchase a new trumpet for that child. I delivered it to Officer E.C. Wyatt who in turn gave it to the child. I later asked him about his reaction, and he said the little boy was overwhelmed and very appreciative. That was several years ago now, and I often wonder if I will ever hear him play.