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I Like Family.

Submitted by Kevin & Rhonda Dombroski (Spring, Texas)

SIngle mom with 8 children.

We live next door to a single mom with 8 children. They don’t have many new things of their own or a very nice place to live. Let me explain. Their house has a hole in the back wall that looks to be open to the outside. Also, one day I was in my garage and I saw the youngest girl run by with a board game. I didn’t think that much about it. They she ran back the other way with another sister and one of her brothers. They came back 5 minutes later with more games and a small mirror. They kept running back and forth with hand fulls of different items. I was getting curious so I went out of my garage and they had it all stacked in their driveway and they were playing with all of the things they brought back. Each of them had a huge smile on their face. Later I was running an errand and saw where they were running back and forth from. They were talking the things they got from a junk pile in front of a house down the street and around the corner. I was stunned. The children are very well behaved and respectable and always smiling. I guess they have more than money can buy but i guess a little cash wouldn’t hurt. My wife and I didn’t see their response since we went to their house at night and put $50 (which was given to us by my boss and his family for this purpose) in the mailbox in a Xmas card signed by Santa.