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I Like Taco Bell.

Submitted by Landon Nichols (Edmond , Oklahoma)

At my Church, NORTHchurch, on Sunday we were given a challenge and here is my story.

I wasn’t really sure when I got the $20.00 how to bless someone. I thought, what can $20.00 really buy now a days? I’ll only be able to bless one person. I am a senior in high school and I went to lunch with my friends. While we were eating I noticed a guy at the counter counting out $0.08. He wanted something off the dollar menu and didn’t have enough money.
I kept watching him and noticed he was walking, and looked a little homeless.
As I got ready to leave he walked past our table and I made eye contact with him, he said I haven’t seen that item before, that looks good. I’ll have to try that next time.
As he walked out the door, I jumped out of my seat and went outside and said would you like to try that today? He just looked at me. I told him to come inside and I would like to bless him with a meal.
When we went inside, he ordered off the $1.00 menu with no drink. I told him to please get more and he said I am good, and just so grateful for this.
I ended up ordering him what I had and insisted he get a large drink.
He could not thank me enough.
My friends thought it was cool, and the man was so grateful.
I told him it was a gift from God. It has challenged me to want to give even more.