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I Like x ray tech

Submitted by jan crenshaw (edmond ok)

A church is given $20.00, a daughter breaks her finger, and the goodness of God is a joy like no other!

My story starts Sunday before church. We were running late for the early service so we decided to stop for breakfast to wait for the 2nd service instead. While there, my 8 yr old daughter hurt her hand. She was hurting but was being brave so we went on to church anyway. At the end of service we were given an envelope with $20.00 in it and the instructions to bless someone with it. The next morning it was apparent that my daughter needed medical attention so we took off to the urgent care clinic. Earlier that morning I had prayed for God to show me specifically who the money was for and felt impressed that it was for someone at the doctor’s office. When we got there, you can imagine I was on ‘baited breath’ waiting for God to tell me who it was. So we saw the receptionist. It wasn’t her. We saw the nurse and then the doctor. It wasn’t either one of them. At that point I kinda thought I’d misunderstood God and just dismissed it. But then the Doctor thought my daughter’s hand might be broken and called for the x-ray technician to come take her back for x-rays. As soon as the technician poked her head in the door, I heard this very excited voice in my head exclaim, “THERE SHE IS! THAT’S THE ONE!” I was thrilled. So up I went after her, envelope in hand. I walked up to her, handed her the envelope, and said, “Okay, so my church gave us these envelopes on Sunday and told us to bless someone with it and you’re the one I’m suppose to bless.” She kinda shrugged, smiled a faint smile and said, “Thanks.” I walked back to the room very excited to have been involved in the exchange. And usually that’s where the story ends. Usually you don’t get to hear the other side of the story. We’ve given many times on a hint or a nudge of the Lord and given out of obedience just content to have heard from God and been able to bless someone. But oh how nice it is to hear the receiving side of the story! A few minutes later, the doctor walked in a little flustered and said, “Okay, so you’ve got us all in tears out there!” She went on to explain that the young technician had driven to work that morning on gas ‘fumes’ and didn’t know what she was going to do. Apparently this girl was not the type to tell people her problems and wouldn’t have mentioned it to anyone. The doctor was shocked and thrilled to see the goodness of the situation. Well, as she was talking to us, my husband, who loves to give, immediately opened his wallet and emptied it. He couldn’t get the money out fast enough and wished he’d had more. He said he knew good ground when he saw it and wasn’t about to let her get out of his sight. As he gave her the money, he felt impressed to say, “God loves you, and His name is Jesus”. (He’s never said that before!) She came in a little later with tears still in her eyes to say thank you and all we could say was that God loved her, and He wanted her blessed. But she wasn’t the only one blessed that morning. Everyone around her saw and felt the goodness of God working on her behalf. I for one felt especially blessed to have been given the gift of seeing what God sees. It’s hard to express that kind of joy. It’s a little like a kid who’s just gotten off the best roller coaster in the world and all he can do is jump up and down scream, “I wanna do it again, Daddy! I wanna do it again! Can we do it again, Daddy?” I know His answer is yes, and He wants everyone to experience that same eternal thrill. It truly is better to give than to receive. I am thankful for the opportunity and excited to say that it won’t be the last.